Born:   7th June 1979
Residence:   Manali, Kanniyakumari, Tamilnadu, India
Occupation  :   Dancer, Choreographer, Drama Artist, Asst.Film-
Year active   :   1993 Present

Spouse: M.Selin Priya

Children : J.S.Stani, J.S.Stanij

Master Justin is born on 7th June 1979 in Manali, Kanniyakumari District, Tamilnadu, India. He is a dance master, choreographer, artist etc… Justin was the founder of Bright group of accademies. The academy was established on 01.01.2005 inaugurated by Rev. Fr .Arul Dhas. In the initial stages of the academy, it underwent a lot of challenging phases. Yet Master Justin struggled but his confidence and accuracy in his teaching overcame all the difficulties. His aim is to produce dance masters in his own academy. So he took more risks and to build up a named institution and his hard work brought up many youngsters into the limelight until now. The objectives of Bright group of accademies is to prepare and to mould children as better future citizens. Conduct as career guidance and placement service program for the good and for the betterment of youth, entertain the marginalized groups through for a classical, cultural and western programs, initiate woman empowerment in which highlight program, import environment approaches and lead the people for sustainable development.

Motivaters of Bright School of Art's
  • Fr.Arul Dhas
  • Fr.Robinson
  • Fr.Wilbright
  • Sr.Mariya Jose
  • Sr.Franslit
  • Sr.Archana
  • Sr.Rani
  • Sr.Bell
  • Mr.Jalal Singh
  • Mr.Julin
  • Mr.Selvister
  • Mr.Albin
  • Mr.Bright

Anto Bibinson

Amazing Performance


Stylize Steps

R.S.Evangelin Blessy


L.K.Lifla Mary

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